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Santa Cruz Biotechnology now offers a broad range of convenient Prepared Buffers. The prepared buffers are formulated based on standard protocols, feature high-quality raw materials, and may be used in various immunoassays, including immunofluorescence, IHC, ELISA, and WB. Our popular PBS, TBS, and TBST buffers are offered in ready to use packets of the premixed ingredients, or in pre-filtered liquid formats.

High quality acrylamides, APS, and TEMED are available for gel preparation. Proprietary formulas are also available, such as our Western Blot Stripping buffer which conserves loading proteins by allowing you to reprobe your gel multiple times with different antibodies.


  • Plasmid Transfection Reagent
  • Plasmid Transfection Medium
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phosphomolybdic acid solution
  • Glycogen
  • Water, DEPC-Treated
  • Ammonium hydroxide solution